Among Nancy Cain’s favorite videos Pat Boone speaking in tongues:

Nancy Cain and her teams of videographers have chronicled much of the late 20th century American history.

The Desert Hot Springs resident listed her top 10 favorite videos she has shot, edited or produced for TV in descending order, but my favorite of her top 10 is actually No. 10: a remarkable video of singer Pat Boone speaking in tongues with his minister, Reverend Bredesen, in 1988. It’s made all the more amazing by the ease with which they enter into this other worldly language. You can watch that video here:

And here is the rest of Nancy’s list of her top 10 videos:

9. Anything with Richard Nixon in it over the years

8. Digging around in the Los Angeles County Dump 1991

7. Any of the reels and reels of inside workings of political campaign coverage starting with Nixon, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Pat Robertson, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot

6. Quiet time with Muhammad Ali (as he signed serigraphs of himself to be sold in galleries) 1993

5.Fred Hampton explains about the Black Panther Party. Chicago 1969

4.Anything on Lanesville TV (America’s Smallest TV Station) 1971-78

3.Buzzy Linhart sings “That’s the Bag I’m In” at the Videofreex loft on Rivington Street in NY 1969

2.Rita ironing her panties. Venice 1984

And No. 1: Whatever is happening live and streaming at this moment at such places as

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